Delia Aguilar

Senior Manager of Workforce Development

Senior Manager of Workforce Development Delia Aguilar has helped educate and empower underserved members of the community. She has been with CASA for more than fourteen years. Delia started as a community organizer with tenants in the Prince George’s County area. She has marched in the streets of DC to advocate for migrant rights for years. Delia organized tenants of apartment complexes to learn and understand their rights and achieve much-needed maintenance. So much so, that she has even been banned from going inside some apartment complexes for organizing the tenants. Delia stepped into the position of Vocational Training Coordinator for three years and in that time, she expanded the program from six classes to the current 20 classes. These classes are available in partnership with Prince George’s Community College and Montgomery Community College, because of Delia’s efforts. She is currently in charge of the Workforce Development Program, the Vocational Training Program, the Pine Ridge Community Center Afterschool Program and other classes provided in the CASA location in the heart of the Long Branch Community and Prince George’s Welcome Center providing an opportunity for members of the community to obtain a job. She prides herself on working towards CASA’s mission to help and educate the community, regardless of immigration status.

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