Carlos Monti

Employment Specialist

Employment Specialist Carlos Monti began at CASA in early 2014 with the Health Department as Maryland State Certified Health Navigator. In late 2014, he began as an Employment Specialist. He has helped expand and grow the worker hiring program CASA offers to the community. He is responsible for testing the skills of the job candidates, conducting mock interviews, helping candidates with their resume, monitoring job retention, and much more. He works with employers to match their job openings or daily basis requirements and coordinate with all Welcome Center staff to maintain a well-run program. He loves helping those who are most in need. Back in Venezuela, Carlos was a Boy Scout for eleven years so he considers himself an active public servant from an early age. Before migrating to the U.S, he earned his Associates in Public Health at the University of Venezuela. There, he was a surgeon and later a pediatrician in Los Teques, Venezuela. He likes to study and expand his professional development. When he isn’t helping connect thousands of labor workers to jobs, he enjoys swimming, riding on a motorcycle, IT, and spending time with his family. Carlos is also a Public Notary.