For immediate release: August 21, 2023

Media contact: Gabriela Hernandez


Upper Marlboro, MD — On August 17, the residents of Marwood Senior Apartments publicly denounced their landlord, Conifer Realty, LLC, for unfair rent increases and maintenance issues. Supported by immigrant advocacy organization CASA, senior citizens held this press conference in front of the apartment complex to share their outrage: despite the temporary rent stabilization bill in Prince George’s County that caps increases at 3 percent, Conifer Realty, LLC, has continued implementing increases to the rent well beyond the allowed amount. 

One of the senior citizens standing up for their rights is Mr. Bishop, a Prince Georgian for 18 years and a resident of Marwood Senior Apartments for 15 years. 

“I chose to retire here because it is a great county. But Prince Georgians have been abused when it comes to rent after the pandemic protections ended,” stated Bishop.  

“When I came here to Marwood Senior Apartments, I was paying $900 for a two bedroom apartment. Because of rent hikes, I later moved to a 1 bedroom apartment two years ago which was $1,212. This year, it went up to $1,523, a $301 increase. How is this legal?”

Seniors at Marwood unanimously sent a letter of demands to the representatives and owners of  Marwood apartments and Conifer Realty, LLC, with the hope to meet with residents in a timely manner. Residents have been trying to meet with their landlord since June of 2023, but their landlord has failed to respond to requests.  

Another resident, Synester Scott shared, “I have lived in Prince George’s County for over 50 years. I am 81 years old. Two years ago, I moved into the Marwood Senior Apartments and was paying $1,258 under tax credit for a one bedroom apartment. When I signed a new lease in June 2023, my rent went up to $1,513. That is an increase of $255. This increase is more than the 3% rent stabilization law in Prince George’s County.”

She added, “We have not had air conditioning in the community room for two months now. We have complained to the management as the summer has waned on, but nothing has been done.” 

The demands to meet with the owners of Marwood, Conifer Realty, LLC, have been neglected since June 2023. Only when tenants communicated news about the press conference to the landlord did a landlord representative respond, pitching a meeting in late October. The management instead retaliates with threats to not renew their leases. 

Marwood resident Ms. Swan explained, “My rent was about $1,579 for a one bedroom apartment. After 2 years, it went up to $1,807 for this same one bedroom apartment. That is a $228 increase. That is too much for me. I depend on fixed income. This rent hike is too much for me, I can’t afford it. Rents are too damn high.”

“I stand with CASA and the seniors at Marwood, in their fight for fair housing,” said Prince George’s county council member Krystal Oriadha, District 7. “The Rent Stabilization Act was passed by the People’s Council to ensure that vulnerable populations would not be at risk of losing their homes. It is disappointing that we now are seeing senior living facilities trying to take advantage of senior residents by raising rents more than the 3% cap. I am committed to continuing to work on ensuring each senior facility is abiding by the temporary rent stabilization legislation, and we will be ensuring that this issue is front and center in the permanent rent stabilization bill.”

“As Prince George’s residents continue fighting against rent hikes and for a permanent rent stabilization bill, tenants must know their rights and be united in this housing justice movement,” closed Jorge Benitez-Perez, CASA’s lead organizer for Prince George’s County. “Tenants have for months reached out to Conifer Realty, LLC, in different ways. The landlord is willing to wait five months to meet with their tenants, showing their callous approach. Yet, they had no hesitation to immediately call the police on tenants seeking fair housing conditions and prices.”



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