Impacted community members from immigrant advocacy organization CASA rallied outside Senator Warner’s office as part of one of over 70 events around country urging support for reconciliation bill with pathway to citizenship, climate protections and care provisions, groups say Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal alone is not enough

VIENNA, VIRGINIA —  CASA and impacted community members rallied outside of Senator Mark Warner’s office in Vienna, Virginia, in an effort to urge members of Congress to pass the full economic recovery plan that invests in a pathway to citizenship, climate justice, new jobs, and the care economy.  

In the speaking program of the rally, participants thanked Senator Warner for his vote in the initial passage of the jobs and infrastructure package. Furthermore, they called on Senator Warner and his colleagues to act swiftly to achieve final passage of the full jobs and infrastructure package, as the Senator has said “we’ve got to get a plan that all 50 Democrats can agree upon. Any single Democrat could upset this plan so we’ve got to show some unity.”

2021.08.19 #SealTheDeal, Vienna, Virginia

“Passing the budget reconciliation will let us work and feel safe and also contribute to this country’s economy. We want to be part of this society, not only because we feel safe but also because this country has become our home too,” said CASA member Yves Kaduli, who is an essential worker and immigrant from the Democratic Republic of Congo. “I immigrated to the US due to the political and humanitarian crisis that has been going on for over three decades in my country. It created fear and instability among my community putting me at risk. I arrived in this country seeking safety, hope, and a better future. I am an essential worker, a member of the food industry who works at a restaurant. I have been an essential worker since I got here. While I was in a detention center I was part of the cleaning services team. However, I feel unprotected due to my immigration status. I am here not only to acknowledge the good work Senator Warner has done thus far, but also to let him know that as immigrants we continue to hope that he will continue working for our community and advocating for us among his peers. Hopefully, we will accomplish the final approval of the reconciliation package.” 

“I am raising my voice as a cancer survivor and a working class immigrant representing the 74% of essential workers that have been a part of the heroes who have kept this country afloat,” said CASA member Rosa Arevalo. “I have been working in the food industry since I arrived in the United States from El Salvador in 2005. As an essential worker, I continue to serve our society by being on the front lines providing and serving food to provide for our families but also to contribute to the country’s economy. I come to ask again for Senator Mark Warner to continue his efforts in the Senate so that legislation which includes a path to citizenship for this essential part of the population may pass.”

With over 115,000 members across the states of Maryland, Virginia, and South Central Pennsylvania, CASA is the largest member-based Latino and immigrant organization in the mid-Atlantic region. Visit us at and follow us on Twitter at @CASAforall.