Protect Our Privacy

Voting on Question A, voting “For the Law” for Howard County will keep our county the safe and welcoming place we are proud to call home.

Vote on Question A, vote “For the Law” in the upcoming election. Vote early from October 27 through November 3 or vote on Election Day on November 8.

What’s at Stake

The privacy and safety of Howard County residents is up for debate in the upcoming election.

Question A will determine if Howard County stands for the right for all people to work, live, and thrive without the fear that their privacy and data is under attack.

It is essential that all residents feel safe accessing vital county services. For example, when residents go to the health department, we want to know that our personal information is not being collected or shared.

Howard County is one of the most diverse jurisdictions in Maryland. It is truly a welcoming place to live with 21% of the total population reporting as foreign-born in the 2020 census and 8% of the total population reporting as non-citizens. It is critical that Howard County remains a safe home for immigrants.

What is Question A? What will it look like on the ballot?

Question A is a local ballot question that will be on the ballot for Howard County, Maryland, for the 2022 Gubernatorial General Election. Question A is question on the ballot that addresses if Howard County can share data and information about residents with entities outside of Howard County.

In other words, outsiders are trying to take away the will of Howard County voters by recalling the Liberty Act.

The Liberty Act was signed into law in December of 2020, by Howard County Executive Calvin Ball. The bill passed the county council on party lines 4-1. The council heard from hundreds of Howard County residents in favor of the bill.

The Liberty Act proved that Howard County is proud to be a diverse county. The Liberty Act proved that Howard County is proud to champion civility and non-governmental intervention.

But now, outsiders are trying to define who Howard County residents are and strip us of our protection and privacy.

The Liberty Act is up for referendum as question A on the ballot, meaning Howard County voters need to vote in this election to say we believe in the Liberty Act and we believe in a safe and welcoming Howard County where our privacy is protected.

Voting for the Liberty Act preserves the community.

On your ballot, Question A will look like

Question A
Local Referendum by Petition (CB63-2020)
County Resources – Federal Immigration

You will be asked to vote for or against the law. Vote for Question A to protect our privacy.

How and When to Vote

Question A will be on the ballot in the 2022 Gubernatorial General Election. The ballot measure will appear on the same voters’ ballots in the same election cycle as competitive races for Governor and County Executive. Howard County voters can cast their vote to protect our privacy in Howard County be making sure they

  1. Are registered to vote
  2. Voting! 
    • Vote with a mail-in ballot or
    • Vote early (October 27 through November 3) or
    • Vote on election day, on November 8, 2022. Find your exact voting location in Howard County and go vote while the polls are open, from 7 am – 8 pm. Anyone in line at 8pm will be allowed to vote.

A Diverse Home

Voting on Question A and voting “For the Law” and showing Howard County’s support for the Liberty Act once again is key to upholding the status of Howard County as a diverse and welcoming community.

When the Liberty Act first passed, it took significant steps toward ensuring immigrant residents feel safe accessing county services. It is critical that immigrants in Howard County feel safe accessing vital county services.

Voting on Question A, voting “For the Law” will make sure that we do not use taxpayer dollars in Howard County to work with ICE.

Question A this election represents the first time an immigration measure has been on the ballot in any county since the statewide ballot measure in 2012 to defend the MD DREAM Act providing instate tuition for undocumented students.

Successful defense of the measure in one of the state’s largest and most immigrant-heavy jurisdictions, which frequently decides statewide elections, will be critical to passage of future statewide pro-immigrant measures.

Pledge Your Support

The big moment is Election Day, but until then you can pledge your support for Question A and share this page to let your friends and neighbors know about protecting the privacy of Howard County residents.

Paid for by Committee for a Safe and Welcoming Howard, Melissa Guzman Treasurer