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ROCKVILLE, MD —  Rockville residents launched a campaign in support of Rockville’s four referendum questions on the November ballot expanding democracy for the city.  The Rockville for Democracy coalition urges Rockville residents to vote yes on all four ballot questions: First, lower the voting age to 16. Second, expand voting to all Rockville residents including immigrants. Third, set term limits to three years, and fourth, to create representative voting districts. 

Earlier this year, Rockville residents urged the city to increase voter turnout with these four key initiatives. The coalition is dedicated to expanding enfranchisement and promoting the fundamental value of democracy. Rockville is the fourth largest city in Maryland and the eighth most diverse city in the United States. Historically, however, Rockville has a low voter turnout. 

CASA member Rafael Lacayo believes supporting all four of the referendum questions are critical to improving voter turn-out in Rockville.  “As a proud immigrant from Nicaragua and a resident of the City of Rockville, I wholeheartedly support the upcoming city elections and referendum. I urge my fellow residents to say yes to all the referendum questions. These proposals are significant for our community and individuals like me who have chosen to make Rockville our home.” 

Rafael continued, “Lowering the voting age from 18 to 16 is a step towards engaging our youth in civic matters, helping them understand the importance of their voice. Expanding the right to vote for non-citizens recognizes the contributions and perspectives of immigrant communities like mine, fostering a more inclusive and representative democracy. Setting term limits to 3 years ensures fresh ideas and accountability within our government while creating representative districts ensures that every corner of Rockville is heard. These changes are vital to increasing voter participation and ensuring that our democratic process truly reflects our city’s diverse voices and needs. Let us embrace these reforms and strengthen the foundation of our democracy for generations to come.”

On Question 1: “Lowering the Voting Age to 16,” coalition members believe that people aged 16 and 17 are integral members of our community. They are employed, contribute to their families, pay Rockville taxes, and actively engaged in the city. It is only fair that they have the right to vote and have a say in shaping the future of Rockville. Lowering the voting age to 16 also ensures that the voices of youth are heard and respected.

Rockville is renowned for its diversity, with one-third of its residents born outside the U.S. Rockville for Democracy members advocate for expanding the right to vote to noncitizen residents of Rockville. The coalition believes that everyone who calls Rockville home should have a say in the laws that govern their lives. This is why the coalition encourages citizens to vote yes, on Question 2: “Expanding Local Voting to Noncitizen Rockville Residents.”

Rockville for Democracy also supports setting term limits to three years for elected officials. This change will allow fresh perspectives and new ideas to continually enter local government. This ensures that leadership remains responsive and accountable to the needs and aspirations of the community.

Lastly, to enhance the representation of Rockville’s diverse population, the Rockville for Democracy coalition supports the creation of representative districts. This reform will ensure that the City Council accurately reflects the demographics and interests of citizens, empowering residents with a stronger voice in the decision-making process.

Rockville voters hold in their hands the opportunity to expand the democratic principles that make the city stronger, fairer, and more inclusive. Residents can vote by mail, returning their  ballot to the drop-box at City Hall before November 7, or in person on Election Day at one of the two polling locations; City Hall and Thomas Farm Community Center. 


The Rockville for Democracy coalition is composed of people who love and live in Rockville. They are dedicated to more inclusive, representative, and responsive policies and practices that empower every resident in Rockville.

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