Care for All

Prince George’s Care for All coalition is dedicated to creating a centrally administered universal primary care system to uninsured residents. Its goal is to provide primary care to every income eligible uninsured Prince Georgian.

The Access to Care Act opens up the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange (ACA Coverage) to undocumented immigrants.

The Need in Prince George’s County

Prince George’s currently leads the state of Maryland with the highest number of uninsured residents. Currently 13% of the population does not have any health insurance, due to the financial strain it places on families to afford or visit a healthcare center, as well as incurring debts that might occur from visiting a health center. More than 275K uninsured immigrants live in Maryland today.

Some of the issues that currently affect the county’s residents are:

  • The county has one of the highest unemployment rates in the state at 8%
  • POC are often employed at low-waged jobs that don’t offer employer benefits
  • Restrictions that stop people from having access to different types of medical insurance

A safer, healthier Maryland for all

The Solution

The Care for All Coalition believes that the best way to improve the health care system in Prince George’s County is to have a centrally administered universal primary care system for the uninsured.

This system would provide every income eligible Prince Georgian access to a primary care provider of their choice instead of being restricted to one. It would also allow residents to be up to date on their vaccinations, get preventive health screenings and get treatment for illnesses at no cost to the patient. All clinics that participate will get at least $75 in reimbursement and can be negotiated, but must be uniform across all providers.

A primary care system would greatly increase the health rates in the county. Prince George’s health rates are currently the fastest growing in the state at a rate of 2.7% more than other counties. Prince George’s County was one of the counties hardest hit by COVID-19 and also had one of the lower rates of fully vaccinated people in the state. Having this system in place would greatly increase the quality of life and ease the financial burden on the county’s residents.

Show your Support

Share your story with Prince George’s County health system using the hashtag #PGcare4all