Eviction Protection Press Conference on July 1 as Another Month Rent Due

What: Press conference with Marylanders and organizations sharing stories after eviction

Maryland renters, including immigrant and working family community members
CASA and other partners

When: July 1, 2020 @ 5 pm

Where: District Court House in Baltimore City
501 E Fayette St, Baltimore, MD 21202

June 30, 2020, Baltimore, MD – Maryland renters and families facing the threat of eviction and accumulation of debt are ringing alarm bells about the impending eviction crisis once courts resume evictions on July 25. Gathering on July 1 as another months’ rent is due, organizations like CASA point out that another month of rent has accumulated when many, who have lost jobs and income due to coronavirus, can’t pay.

Responding to Governor Hogan’s paltry response, organizations like CASA state that no state support has been provided to eviction protection. The only small amount of relief that was provided comes from the federal CARES Act money means undocumented immigrants and mixed status families are purposely excluded from relief. Overall, $150M is needed to prevent mass evictions in Maryland, which 150,000 families face.

“Every day we fail to act is another day where we compound the problem that’s going to explode in our faces come July 25,” said Maryland renters.

Community members for Governor Hogan and Maryland legislators for urgently needed policy changes, including (1) Cancelling rent by providing direct financial relief to renters or property owners (2) Prohibiting penalty late fees and debt accumulation during the state of emergency; (2) Extending the eviction moratorium to stabilize rental housing for at minimum 12 months beyond the state of emergency; and (3) Prohibiting illegal evictions and threats or harm to tenants during the moratorium, including criminal penalties for those violating the order.


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