Healthcare is a human right. Despite the passage and implementation of the Affordable Care Act, 28.9 million people remained uninsured in 2019. More people will continue to lose their health coverage due to a lack of employment due to the pandemic. Immigrant communities and low-income families must have access to high-quality health care, locally oriented health centers, programs, and services.

CASA advocates for expanded and equitable access to healthcare at all levels of government.

CASA believes that all individuals should have access to the highest attainable standard of health services without distinction of documentation, ethnicity, religion, race, political belief, economic status, or social condition. No one should get sick or die because they are poor or undocumented. Affordable and high-quality health care is determined by fundamental human rights, including safe drinking water, nutritious and accessible food, adequate housing, education, and safe working conditions. It means having access to health services when and where they need them, without suffering financial hardship.


Uninsured undocumented immigrants, compared to less than 10% of US citizens. In 2018, 23% of lawfully present immigrants and 45% of undocumented immigrants were uninsured, compared to 9% of uninsured citizens.

2X More Likely

Uninsured rate of U.S. Citizen children with at least one non-citizen parent to be uninsured, in comparison to children with two citizen parents (8% vs. 4%).

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