Police Accountability & Transparency

Black and brown immigrant communities across the CASA footprint, and across the country, are unfairly targeted, harassed, brutalized, and killed by the police. Current policing policies at the local, state, and federal level are inadequate and have fallen short in addressing the continued calls of advocates and directly impacted families and communities that have suffered at the hands of the police in recent years. 

CASA organizes alongside other Black-led and ally organizations and activists on the state and local level to transform policing practices, most notably through our work in the Campaign for Justice, Safety and Jobs (CJSJ) coalition in Maryland, established after the killing of Freddie Gray in Baltimore. Following and walking alongside the families who have directly suffered from police violence, CASA advocates for justice and police accountability through the elimination of special protections for police officers following misconduct, restoration of local control of police departments that are currently not controlled by residents, transparency into investigations of police misconduct, severe limitation of use of force by law enforcement, and more.   

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