Pennsylvania Tuition Equity

All Pennsylvania high school graduates should have equal opportunity to attend college, regardless of immigration status. Help immigrant students in Pennsylvania win tuition equity by contacting your legislator today.

Immigrant students in Pennsylvania deserve equal access to higher education.

Undocumented and DACAmented students as well as students with asylum must be eligible to receive in state tuition rates and government aid to pay for their university studies. Currently the only students who can receive government aid are US citizens or residents. In addition, they must be considered students with the same rights as US students or residents.

The Education Dream Act is a bill that would reform these policies to include immigrant families and qualify them for government aid and in-state tuition.

The benefits of in-state equity will likely address the falling enrollment at Pennsylvania State schools, community colleges, and private schools.

In-State Tuition Quick Facts

Hardworking students are able to continue their education

Tuition equity would ensure ALL Pennsylvania high school students — those with DACA, TPS, DED, H-4 Visas and refugee status — have the incentive and opportunity to finish high school and pursue higher education.

Tuition equity would combat Pennsylvania’s ‘brain-drain’ crisis

Tuition equity encourages students who have grown up and been educated in Pennsylvania to attend college in the Commonwealth, graduate from Pennsylvania schools, and become professionals in Pennsylvania. The Commonwealth’s rate of growth is well below the national average. Public policies that welcome young people, many of which are immigrants, is advantageous to Pennsylvania.

Tuition equity policies have passed with bipartisan support in 22 states

Tuition equity policies provide economic benefits to public colleges. When all students who live in the state are able to pay in-state tuition rates, regardless of immigration status, ALL students have a chance to enroll in college at the in-state tuition rate, thus increasing college revenues.

Take Action: Ask your legislator to support the Tuition Equity and Inclusion Act

Make your voice heard for immigrant students all around the Commonwealth by contacting your legislator today. By inputting your information into the form below, an email will automatically send to your legislator.