2021 Pennsylvania
Legislative Session

CASA 2021 Pennsylvania Latino and Immigrant Policy Agenda Launch

Filled with powerful personal testimonies and attendance of almost 150 local immigrant community members, CASA’s 2021 Latino and Immigrant Policy Agenda Launch offered a bold proposal for Pennsylvania’s immigrants, which comprise 7 percent of the Commonwealth. The event took place one day after the Biden-Harris administration announced its pro-immigration policies which feature respect, dignity, and safety – key elements of CASA’s own legislative priorities.

In the 2021 legislative session, CASA advocates for immigrant and working class families in Pennsylvania. CASA’s members have mobilized and organized to participate in passing several critical bills. This session includes pushing for equity within the education system, raising the state minimum wage, tackling immigration reform and climate justice.

Top Policy Priorities

Tuition Equity

Fair And Equal Financing

Currently Pennsylvania school districts are extremely segregated by race. The districts that receive the most funding from the state are predominantly white and that receive the least are Latino and African-American. CASA seeks equitable funding so that all schools have the necessary resources to offer a quality education that does not discriminate against our families.

Pennsylvanians Deserve A Living Wage

Legislators must raise the minimum wage in Pennsylvania to $15 an hour. The minimum wage is currently $7.25 per hour and has been that way since 2009. A living wage is a fair wage, in the 21st century, people shouldn’t have to work multiple jobs just to make ends meet. 

Licenses For All

CASA supports driver’s licenses for the undocumented community. Legislators must ensure that everyone has access to a license using a social security number or ITIN. Just as important is ensuring that once driver’s licenses for all are issued, ICE should not have unwarranted access to the PennDot registry. 

Shut Down Berks

Pennsylvania has one of only three family detention centers in the entire United States (the other two are in Texas). These families – and young children – are detained in the center while their immigration case is being processed. CASA seeks to close this family detention center and set the families free while their court arrives. Ultimately, CASA supports a moratorium on all deportations at the federal level.

Fair And Sustainable Economy

Pennsylvania is one of the most polluting states in our country. Fossil energy companies pollute our air and water with complete impunity. CASA advocates for solutions that put communities of color first and that also create sustainable and quality jobs. CASA supports the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) and the Office of Just Transition in creating professional options for sectors affected by climate change.