HARRISBURG, PA. _ A coalition of local and state organizations is calling on Harrisburg city leaders to adopt shared values and policies that will guarantee Harrisburg is a safe and welcoming city for all its residents, including immigrants.

The group will release a set of shared principles for community safety and will call on the mayor and city council to adopt policies that reflect these principles.

“We know that when immigrants trust that a call for help will not result in deportation, they are less likely to become victims of crime.  That helps to keep us all safer,”  said Elizabeth Alex of CASA, an immigrant rights organization in Pennsylvania

The coalition brings people from diverse organizations concerned with maintaining Harrisburg’s unique spirit.

“One of the best parts of our city is the beautiful diversity of our communities. That’s why we are standing together today, to ensure that no matter your race, ethnicity, immigration status, language, or sexual orientation, you know that you have rights and you feel welcome in our city.” said Aaysha Noor from Community Response Network.

The effort comes at a time when immigrant issues are front and center.

“With the administration cancelling DACA and whittling away at all of our rights, it’s important that we as a city stand up for ourselves and each other, to ensure that all of our basic civil and human rights are respected.”  Katherine Lugaro, Harrisburg Rising

What:  Press Conference to Launch Welcoming City Campaign
When:  2 p.m., Sunday, October 29th
Where:  Capitol Steps, Harrisburg, PA
Who:  CASA, Harrisburg Rising, Community Response Network, Harrisburg LGBT Center, Central PA Action Agenda, Planned Parenthood Keystone, Planned Parenthood PA Advocates, and other community and faith organizations.