100 Immigrants at Lobby and Rally Day in Richmond

RICHMOND, VA – Immigrant powerhouse organization CASA announces its policy agenda for Virginia’s 2022 legislative session with a 100 immigrant rally outside of the Richmond statehouse. With 100,000 lifetime members, the organization kicks off its advocacy strategy which will educate lawmakers and advocate for bills that uphold immigrants and working families.

“Immigrants have been at the forefront of this pandemic the last two years, which is important to highlight their contribution to the Commonwealth of Virginia during this legislative session,” Luis Aguilar, CASA’s Virginia Director. “We will continue the fight in Richmond, just as CASA members, immigrants, and working-class families have done during these tough times.”

Leticia C., a Stafford essential worker and CASA Member seeks a liveable wage in Virginia: “I am a single mother of three children, who arrived in Virginia in 2011. I have been an essential worker during the pandemic in my field of work, which is housekeeping. My service provides others with a clean and disinfected environment during this pandemic, although the work puts my life at risk. If our delegates and senators in the General Assembly change or decide to stop the increase to the minimum wage it would greatly impact my family and community. My biggest desire is to get my children a higher education and so they attend college. This is why I fight for my community and the increase of the minimum wage!”

CASA 2022 Legislative Priorities

Opposing threats to raising minimum wage (HB171, HB296, HB320, SB173): Frontline essential workers who are earning minimum wage during this pandemic are the ones who are putting their lives on the line and need to be paid their fair share which means continuing the progress, not stopping at $11.

Accessible Healthcare (HB878): Our community members want the best opportunities for the success and well being of their households, this is why we believe kids and seniors should have accessible healthcare since 86%of those members that visit our office do not have any access to healthcare.

Apprenticeships (HB718): Of importance, creating a more skilled workforce by having an office for apprenticeships is also a priority. CASA members have overwhelmingly named vocational training as a critical need to help workers access good jobs.

Renters Protection (HB909): Protecting renters making sure landlords and tenants are following the agreement and not changing anything to hurt families by increasing their monthly payment or facing any discrimination based on national origin, especially right now during the midst of a pandemic.

Paid & Medical leave program (SB1): Because of the difficulties of the pandemic, Virginians are faced with the decision of going to work sick or losing a day of pay, CASA supports a paid & medical leave program.

English Language Learners (HB1049, SB156)/ Services Regardless of Immigration Status (HB877)/ Breaking Language (HB1049, SB484): From recent CASA data gathered from the past 391 community members that visited our Fairfax and our Prince William Welcome Centers, CASA saw that 72% were beginners with their English. That is 282 community members who are learning English. The majority of them have incredible difficulties in navigating government systems. This is an example of the challenges our community faces, we must invest in English Language Learners. It starts in schools HB1184, SB156 and this same support could be applied for households with families that are not accessing services due to immigration status HB877 and language barriers. HB1049, SB484

Opposing cuts to Climate and Clean Energy Initiatives, including the Virginia Clean Economy Act and the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). These initiatives are smart climate solutions, aimed at reducing our dependence on fossil fuels by investing in low-income energy efficiency and climate resiliency through the floodplain protection fund.


CASA is a national Latino and immigrant organization serving over 122,000 lifetime members across 46 states. Visit us at www.wearecasa.org and follow us on Twitter at @CASAforall. Visit us at www.wearecasa.org and follow us on Twitter at @CASAforall.