Working class? Immigrant? In Maryland, Virginia, or Pennsylvania, become a member at a CASA office.

If you identify yourself as either immigrant or working class, become a member near a CASA office.

In 3 Simple Steps:

  1. Complete a membership form and bring it to a CASA center.
  2. Pay $35.00 in annual dues in cash or credit to become a member of both CASA and CASA in Action, which provides you access to all our services, benefits and leadership opportunities.
  3. For an additional $5 you can receive a CASA photo identification card with your current address if you bring a copy of an identity document listed on the membership application form.

Questions? Call CASA’s membership line: 1.866.765.2272 or 1.866.765.CASA

Can’t get to a CASA office? Become a Sustaining Member.

To ensure CASA continues the fight for justice for all immigrant and working class people, please consider becoming a Sustaining Member to join us throughout this struggle. Click below and complete the form so our Promoters can follow up with you and describe how you can join this important fight. Please, do not send money orders or cash to CASA.

A Sustaining Member shares CASA’s values, envisions a future where we can achieve a full human rights for all and is convinced that united and organized we can create a more just society by building power in our working class and immigrant communities.

For only $5 a month you can become a CASA Sustaining Member today. Fill in the information in the link and a CASA Promoter will contact you to process the membership and tell how you can participate as a member. Please, do not send money orders or cash to CASA.