A first step in our fight for health equity, the Healthy Babies Equity Act extends Medicaid coverage to undocumented pregnant mothers.

Healthcare is a human right. Right now, undocumented immigrants, despite paying billions in dollars in federal and state taxes and contributing deeply to every facet of society, are ineligible for healthcare through Medicaid. Ineligibility for this program has left hundreds of thousands of Marylanders without status uninsured, often facing extraordinary health challenges – and in many cases, life or death situations. 

Estimates show that the majority of pregnancy-related deaths are preventable. Prenatal and postpartum care (including delivery, medication, immunization, labor planning support, and more) is transformative, especially for communities of color, in preserving and protecting the lives of children and their mothers. Every person deserves access to this lifesaving and critical care regardless of their immigration status.

Prenatal Care

Expands eligibility for prenatal care through Medicaid (through pregnancy and 12 months postpartum) to all pregnant persons, regardless of status.

Formal Expansion

Requires the state to submit a waiver to allow for Maryland to make this change to eligibility.