Universal Representation

Legal representation is the difference between winning and losing a case in immigration court.

Hundreds of immigrants in Maryland are detained in local jails through immigration detention agreements that ICE has with certain counties, and when facing deportation, they do not have a right to a lawyer. We must ensure that all Marylanders who are in detention and facing deportation have access to justice in the form of zealous legal counsel to represent them in removal proceedings.

Universal representation stands for the principle that ALL PEOPLE regardless of their income, background, merit of case are entitled to due process under the law. Without a lawyer, multiple studies show, due process is unlikely.

Immigration laws are complex, even for trained attorneys. Unrealistic to expect a layperson to represent themselves, particularly if not fluent in English. Detained people also do not have access evidence they need to prove their case.

Top reasons to support Universal Representation

Provide legal representation to detained Maryland residents facing deportation (including Habeas CorpusProceedings, Federal Appeals, or any other legal matter affecting deportation).


Provide community support and outreach to families of detained individuals and those at risk of detention


Ensure access to counsel for Maryland residents detained outside of the state.