Maryland Trust Act

It’s time to restore trust between law enforcement and the immigrant community. Maryland must act now to stop partnering with ICE to target and deport immigrants and their families.

When law enforcement collaborates with ICE,  and the Trump administration’s growing deportation agenda, trust between the police and the community is jeopardized, threatening public safety for all residents of Maryland. ICE, emboldened by the Trump administration’s growing deportation agenda, has drastically increased their prioritization of targeting and deporting immigrants. Through limiting our states cooperation and partnership with national efforts to enforce immigration law, the Maryland Trust Act would increase the safety of Marylanders by improving relationships with law enforcement and other state entities.

Top Reasons to support the Maryland Trust Act:

Declares that Maryland will NOT support the targeting of immigrants, Muslims, and others.

Restore community trust in our law enforcement officials.

Improve public safety for all residents of the state.

Stop the expenditure of precious local dollars on federal enforcement efforts.


The movement is growing and Maryland needs to be a part of it. Similar laws have been enacted in hundreds of local jurisdictions and states such as California and Connecticut.

130+ Organizations Urge Passage of the Trust Act

End police cooperation and partnership with ICE and other federal agencies, including 287g programs. Specifically, it would prevent law enforcement from: 

  • Inquiring about immigration status
  • Detaining on behalf of ICE
  • Notifying/transferring to ICE

Protect immigrants from ICE in sensitive locations such as schools, courthouses and hospitals by requiring the Attorney General’s Office to create guidance on ICE enforcement in these locations.


Protect immigrants against coercion to ensure that community members can interact with police without fear of harassment.

Studies have shown that cities with sanctuary policies not only have lower crime rates and stronger economies, but also can encourage immigrants to report crimes. This legislation does not alter the justice system from running its normal course – rather, it strengthens the system by overall improving public safety. It’s important to know that legally, Maryland has no requirement to assist ICE with immigration enforcement. It is a DECISION that our state can make about how we can use our resources and precious taxpayer dollars. By passing the TRUST ACT and choosing to end police cooperation with ICE, we would send a clear message that Maryland welcomes immigrants.

Maryland should join these local jurisdictions in passing TRUST policies: Montgomery County, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Prince George’s County, Anne Arundel County (cancelled its 287g and IGSA programs), Hyattsville, Rockville, Annapolis, Brentwood, Cheverly, Greenbelt, Mount Rainier, Berwyn Heights, Colmar Manor, Takoma Park, Forest Heights, Riverdale Park and Edmonston.

Tell Maryland Legislators to Pass the Trust Act