Maryland Police Reform

It’s time to restore trust between law enforcement and the immigrant community. Maryland must act now to stop partnering with ICE to target and deport immigrants and their families.

CASA is a proud and active member of the Maryland Coalition for Justice and Accountability (MCJPA). MCJPA is an alliance of Maryland organizations, unions, faith groups, and individual activists committed to the pursuit of police accountability through legislative change.  The pattern of racial prejudice and the unequal enforcement and adjudication of the law must end. CASA is committed to working in coalition with partners and directly impacted families to seek justice and reform our police system in a meaningful way.

Top 5 Priorities on Police Reform:

Reform Maryland Public Information Act
Prohibit Use of Force
Repeal the Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights (LEOBR)

Allow investigation into all police misconduct to be disclosed under the MPIA.

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Create statutory limits on the use of force by law enforcement prohibit use of force unless it is necessary (not merely reasonable), with both criminal penalties and the power for civil enforcement.

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Strike the entire LEOBR from state law.

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Local Control of the Baltimore City Police Department
Take Law Enforcement out of Schools

Make the Baltimore City Police Department an agency of the City of Baltimore

Require and support school districts to shift away from reliance on SROs and towards effective behavior support intervention strategies. 

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