12 February 2021, ANNAPOLIS, MD — Research and Policy Analyst Cathryn Ann Paul issued the following statement in response to the joint-statement issued by Senate President Ferguson and House Speaker Jones regarding RELIEF Act compromise.

“Today, leaders of the Maryland House and Senate issued a joint statement committing to immediately passing EITC reform expanding coverage to include ITIN filers. While EITC reform is certainly needed, it is unimaginable that an anti-immigrant Governor like Larry Hogan will not veto the bill when it reaches his desk. Only a veto-proof majority and rapid veto override vote will provide the critical relief needed by immigrant tax filers.”

These tax filers include people like Claudia, whose story was shared on the House floor today by the Majority Leader, Eric Luedtke. Claudia has lived in Maryland for 15 years and has two children, 10 and 13, who are US citizens. Her husband works as an electrician but his hours have been severely reduced because of the pandemic. They were hard hit by COVID infection and received no help at all. No unemployment, no relief checks. Just begging their landlord for more time. Claudia has two older daughters both essential workers. One works as a nurses assistant and the other cleans hospitals. Since Claudia arrived in this country she has always paid her taxes with her ITIN number. Claudia is a proud Maryland taxpayer and currently ineligible for the Maryland Earned Income Tax Credit.

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