Laurel Rent Strike

Over 50 tenants of an apartment complex in Laurel, Maryland, are on a rent strike, after numerous efforts to reach the landlord over unsanitary living conditions, unresponsiveness to repair requests and increase in rent by hundreds of dollars. 


Stop high rent increases

Since the pandemic began, the new owners of the property have raised rent for many tenants by hundreds of dollars.

Fix Urgent Repairs

Owners and property managers have been unresponsive to repair requests, despite to increase in rents.

Sanitary Living Conditions

Many units have mold, dirt, and pests which causing unsafe living conditions, especially for children and the elderly

Member Stories

Ana Tejada, is a CASA member, who has been living at the apartment complex with her daughters and husband for 7 years. Schweb Partners, LLC raised her rent by over $300 in the past year. This has affected Ana financially and mentally because she can not spend as much time with our children, as a result of having to work more to meet her rent. Ana is on strike because she believes high rent increases are unfair, and will not stop until the communities demands are met!