Updated: April 7, 2021, 3:00 pm

Videos and photos from the event can be found here and used by media with credit given to CASA.

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For Immediate Release:
April 6, 2021

Immigrant children and families rally outside of the Vice President’s Residence in DC

WASHINGTON, DC — In a rally outside of the Vice President’s residence, immigrant families, children, and allies gather to demand Vice President Harris to “fight for us, you’re one of us” as someone who comes from an immigrant family herself. The immigrant community is counting on Vice President Kamala Harris to leverage her leadership to fight for immigrant children and families. Children from immigrant families will share their stories about the US-Mexico border, interior enforcement, and the need for a pathway to citizenship.

Activists and immigrant families are counting on the Vice President to leverage her various leadership roles to fight for immigrant families and children. The demands are as follows:

  • Exercise leadership in crafting solutions for migration at the U.S. southern border to ensure family unity and fight for a humane path to safety for children and families seeking asylum.
  • Discontinue the use of Title 42 to deport immigrants, including asylum seekers and families, without an opportunity to pursue their claims.
  • Halt deportations to countries facing serious humanitarian crises, like Haiti, Cameroon, Guatemala, El Salvador, and others.
  • Use your power as the President of the Senate to ensure a path to citizenship for essential workers. The parliamentarian ruling on April 6 allows for budget resolution to happen multiple times — we urge the Vice President to use her power as tie-breaker and President of the Senate to achieve a path to citizenship.

WHAT: Press Conference and Rally

WHEN: April 7, 2021 – 12:00 PM ET *rain or shine*

WHERE: The Vice President’s Residence and Office at Massachusetts Avenue and 34th Street NW (1 Observatory Circle), Washington, DC

WHO: CASA, Congregation Action Network, FIRM Action, NAKASEC

RSVP: For more information on the actions, please contact Jenna DeFosse
View the event on Facebook at: https://bit.ly/Fight4Us

VISUALS: Large banners and homemade signs with messages like: VP Harris fight for us, you are one of us; Be our VIP (Vice Immigrant President); Fight for immigrant kids. Paper dolls, teddy bears, drumming, music, singing, and chanting.


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