Sign The Immigrant Mother's Day Card!

This Mother’s Day, we honor immigrant mothers across the United States who left their homes to plant roots in an unknown land to give their children opportunity and safety. May we recognize their resilience, acknowledge their strength, and admire their love. While we honor our immigrant mothers, we are reminded of the millions of mothers currently being held in government and private sponsored immigration detention centers and are being forcefully separated from their families. Send a Mother’s Day card to immigrant mothers of CASA by adding your information below!

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CASA recognizes that immigrant mothers sacrificed their lives back home to come to the U.S. so that their children could have a better future. Their selfless sacrifices at home and for the CASA family have paved the way for hundreds of immigrants in this country. The recent immigrant victories with the Healthy Babies Equity Act, the termination of Title 42, and TPS designation for Cameroon could not have been accomplished without the tireless organizing and advocacy of immigrant mothers. This Mother’s Day, we honor all CASA immigrant mothers and promise to continue fighting for the hundreds of women being held unjustly at immigrant detention centers and separated from their families. We have a long fight ahead of us, but mothers like them make it all worth it. Happy Mother’s day.