11 AUGUST, 2021, WASHINGTON, DC – CASA’s Executive Director Gustavo Torres issued the following statement with the Senate passage of the congressional budget resolution including citizenship for DACA and TPS holders, farmworkers, and essential workers.

“Immigrant activists have poured out their hearts sharing their personal stories, calling their members of Congress, hitting the streets, all in the name of citizenship for millions. Now, after years of fighting, as the budget reconciliation package including citizenship for immigrants passes the Senate, we know we have cracked open the path to victory. Not just during the pandemic but for decades, immigrants have come through for this country, all without the recognition that is so sorely overdue. As the package continues moving through the legislative process, we forge ahead knowing that we have the support of the American people and the backing of the Democratic party. Come the fall, CASA will travel to DC, marching and chanting with a strong finish, to secure citizenship for millions.”

CASA Member Ana Hernandez in Springfield, Virginia, has been in the country for over 20 years. A mother of two, Ana currently serves as a teacher’s aide in Alexandria. Her TPS status can translate to citizenship with passage of this resolution.

She says, “We need immigrant essential workers who fight in this country and give their best. If I could access citizenship, I would study education and become a teacher in the school where I work. Citizenship would help us a lot to continue growing, to form this nation, and strengthen the economy of this country. Let’s fight together as immigrant brothers and sisters.”

Closed Alonzo Washington, CASA chief of federal policy, “We are closer than ever before to victory. Ana’s story is like millions of other stories in this country. This is what fuels CASA’s work. Getting the votes won’t be easy, but we are CASA, and we will fight. And we will win!”

With over 115,000 members across the states of Maryland, Virginia, and South Central Pennsylvania, CASA is the largest member-based Latino and immigrant organization in the mid-Atlantic region. Visit us at www.wearecasa.org and follow us on Twitter at @CASAforall.