Push for Guatemalan TPS Gains Momentum

Washington, DC – A coalition of immigrant activists, led by the Guatemalan community and supported by CASA, an immigrant advocacy organization, convened today outside the Supreme Courthouse to grant Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to Guatemalan nationals residing in the United States. The rally, strategically timed on the morning of the presidential debate, underscored the pressing need for humanitarian relief amidst ongoing immigration debates.

Former Congressman Luis Gutierrez joined Guatemalan activists, alongside groups such as Red Migrante Guatemalteca and Asociación Guatemaltecos Sin Fronteras (AGSF), in issuing a call to action. The event focused on highlighting the challenges faced by over 1.1 million Guatemalans in the U.S. who stand to benefit from TPS, providing them with work permits and crucial stability.

“Momentum for TPS designation has significantly grown,” said CASA’s National Organizing Director, Alex Vazquez. “Today’s rally showcased solidarity and urgency in addressing the humanitarian crisis affecting Guatemalan communities.”

In recent months, national immigrant and labor justice groups, collaborating with Guatemalan human rights organizations, have vigorously advocated for TPS status. The coalition emphasized the ongoing crises in Guatemala, from wildfires and flooding, to other natural disasters creating both untold poverty levels and crime.  All of which underscore the critical need for immigration relief.

“We strongly believe that now is the time. Please, Mr. President, don’t let us down. We have faith in you. We stand firmly behind you. Guatemalans are frontline workers, contributing in fields, as producers, painting homes, and caring for our children. America, it is time to stand with the Guatemalan community,” emphasized Wálter Batres, President of the Guatemalan National Network.

The call for TPS resonates with local and national advocacy efforts, bolstered by a recent resolution from the LA City Council. Leaders now aim to mobilize voters in battleground states with substantial Guatemalan populations to support candidates prioritizing immigration reform.

“Guatemala is facing a very difficult time due to the storms and hurricanes, which are devastating the country. The natural resources are being destroyed and the infrastructure is collapsing. This is why we are advocating for TPS for all Guatemalan immigrants, so we can push forward and support our families,” stated CASA member Maria Bistros.

Temporary Protected Status (TPS) provides temporary immigration relief to nationals confronting unsafe conditions in their home country, akin to Deferred Enforced Departure (DED). Extending TPS and DED protections is a step in the right direction for humanitarian leadership under the Biden Administration.

Former Congressman Luis Gutierrez, a powerful advocate for immigrant justice emphasized, “Let’s be clear. The 200,000 jobs currently performed by Guatemalans are vital. If these roles were left unfilled, our economy would weaken. This underscores the urgency for President Biden to champion justice. Four years ago, President Biden pledged to be a humanitarian voice, advocating unity and compassion for our immigrant community. Today, President Biden, you have the opportunity to fulfill that promise and make it a reality by granting TPS to the Guatemalan community.”


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