Nominate a Hero for Hispanic
Heritage Month

Upload a video about a hero you know

From Pennsylvania to Virginia to Maryland, Latinos have been outstanding civic leaders and community volunteers. The Latino legacy is filled with tremendous contributions to our community, especially in present day. The United States is lucky to have us here.

That’s why this Hispanic Heritage Month, CASA is asking you to nominate one hero who deserves a special recognition. Submit a short video explaining why this person has changed your life or has served others. We might highlight them on our social media channels during Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15 to October 15.

The following could be topics considered

Civil rights

Environmental justice





A powerful woman! Marisol is a mom who holds it down on her own with her three adorable daughters. Since the pandemic started, she has not rested in fighting to protect renters who lost their jobs and income due to COVID-19.


Young, Latina, and powerful! 18 year old Arlette is proud to be an immigrant and stands up for what she believes in whether its ending police-ICE collaboration, fighting against family separation, or protecting DACA.

Most of you know Nitzi! College student, CASA Youth Committee member, and environmental justice fighter. Nitzi experienced first hand the negative consequences of climate change and is ready to fight!


Fredy is a #CASAhero. Dedicated son, Fredy came to this country and worked to build a house for his mother back in El Salvador. A TPS status holder and also a social justice fighter, Fredy takes on the fight to pass residency for TPS holders after the recent court ruling in favor of Trump’s cancellation of TPS. He is inspiring hope in fellow TPSianos.



Brave father Lázaro is working to bring his son from Cuba to come live with him in PA. Now that he lost both of his jobs due to COVID-19, Lázaro must wait to reunite with his son. That’s why he fights with thousands of other CASA Members to #CancelTheRent during COVID.