Gustavo + Maria

Maria Villanueva Diaz and Gustavo Adolfo Villeda Vidal’s love story began over three years ago in Maryland, where fate brought together two souls from Mexico and Guatemala. The couple currently resides in Howard County, appreciating its strategic location between Washington D.C. and Baltimore, which facilitates a balance between her job, her family needs, and her health challenges. It is a home they cherish for the potential it holds for their future.

Today, Maria, a U.S. citizen of six years, and Gustavo, her beloved husband of nearly one year, face a daunting challenge: navigating the complexities of immigration while nurturing their young family. They recently welcomed a precious baby boy into their lives, but their joy is tempered by the uncertainty of Gustavo’s immigration process.

Despite their efforts and consultations with numerous attorneys, the financial burden of legal fees, coupled with unexpected expenses like medical bills and debts, has made achieving Gustavo’s citizenship a distant dream.

Their situation is made more challenging by health concerns that both Maria and Gustavo battle bravely. Maria manages a tumor and its potential impacts on her ability to work consistently, while Gustavo is plagued by migraines and past seizures that call for costly medications, navigating these health challenges without the safety net of medical insurance.

She hopes to add him to her health insurance plan in the coming year, though she is uncertain if that’s possible.

“We want to be stable for our child,” Maria confides, her voice carrying the weight of a parent’s concern for her family’s future. The path to citizenship for Gustavo is not just about legal status—it’s about ensuring they can build a secure life together. 

Maria’s dedication extends beyond her family; she works diligently in the finance department at CASA, contributing to her community while balancing personal and familial challenges. Gustavo works in remodeling, though often does not get paid a fair wage.

Their story is one of resilience and hope, but it is also a plea for understanding and support. As they strive to navigate the complexities of immigration laws, financial burdens, and new parent responsibilities, Maria and Gustavo embody the quiet courage of countless families in similar situations across the country.

“We dream of a stable life where Gustavo can fully contribute to our family,” Maria shares. Their hope echoes in every word—a hope that transcends paperwork and legalities, seeking a compassionate solution that honors their commitment to family and community.