Support Local Voter Expansion

Brentwood Should Give All Families a Voice in Local Elections

Families in Brentwood ask the Mayor and Council to support their nonresident neighbors.

Eligible citizens can register and vote in one jurisdiction for federal elections. However, College Park, Hyattsville, Mount Rainier, Takoma Park, Riverdale, and several smaller Maryland towns have extended that privilege to noncitizens.

Now, the people who call Brentwood home ask for the same: for Mayor Teminio-Lopez and the Brentwood Council to expand the vote to noncitizens. We as nonresident families live and work in the city just as other families do. Our children learn beside other children in the same classrooms. We pay taxes just like others do. And we want the right to vote locally.

To vote in city elections, CASA supports the following:

  • Noncitizens should be city residents, at least 18 by the date of the next city election and not registered to vote elsewhere.
  • They should ineligible if they are in prison for a felony, unable to communicate a desire to vote or have been convicted of buying or selling votes.

Help us send a message that Brentwood is a welcoming community for all residents, regardless of legal status.

Represent all families in local decision making

Expand the voice of the community

Establish that the city is welcoming to all, regardless of status

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  • Let’s show that Brentwood is a welcoming place for all! I’m with CASA: Brentwood Council and Mayor Treminio-Lopez, support the voter expansion bill.
  • Noncitizens in Brentwood are our neighbors: they pay taxes just like I do, their kids go to school right next to our kids, they live and work in the same place I call home. Let’s fully integrate our neighbors into Brentwood! I’m with CASA: Brentwood Council, support voter expansion.