Your Health Care Questions Answered

Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, Maryland

CASA provides case management assistance to connect members with social services in the community aimed at improving their physical and mental health and increasing social stability.

CASA can help answer your questions about your health, including finding affordable healthcare, medical interpretation, the closest health clinic, strategies to combat HIV, cancer, and other health risks.


Use the health hotline in English, French, or Spanish or let CASA’s community health workers call you directly.





Public benefits enrollment

Community health workers also help CASA members understand and enroll in government assistance and health insurance programs including those made available through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in addition to other public benefits such as SNAP.

Vaccination Center

When you get vaccinated, you are protecting yourself and your family as well as those in your community who may not be able to be vaccinated. If you live in Montgomery County or Prince George County, fill out the form to schedule a COVID vaccine appointment and a community health worker will reach out to you.