WASHINGTON, DC – The relentless attacks against immigrants who hold Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) continued today, with a decision by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals agreeing with a Texas judge’s ruling that DACA is illegal. Although nothing changes immediately for DACA recipients, and the case has been sent down to the lower court for further consideration, DACA remains at risk and we must fight with urgency to secure a permanent path to citizenship for our DACA family.

Said Gustavo Torres, CASA Executive Director: “This decision again shows that legislators must protect DACA holders and other immigrants facing dire uncertainty. With DACA, hundreds of thousands have graduated college, launched careers, and started families. Citizenship offers the only truly permanent relief that will end these constant battles in the courts and provide DACA recipients with the certainty they deserve. This fight has never been about DACA. It has and will always come down to citizenship, and the protection that comes with it.”

Said Cindy Kolade, a DACA-mented CASA member: “It’s again a scary time to be a DACA holder – a time where there are attempts to push us back into the shadows, as we are trying to push forward in our careers! We are essential workers, and have fought for this country during times of complete crisis because THIS IS OUR HOME! We will not stop fighting until we are given the dignity we deserve!”

Cindy’s life-story is an example of how deeply damaging the threat to DACA becomes for entire communities. Originally from the Ivory Coast and a resident of Baltimore, Cindy discovered in her junior year of high school that she was undocumented. DACA transformed her future in 2012. She worked throughout Covid as an essential worker in the microbiology department of a hospital and is close to finishing her Bachelor of Science in Cell and Molecular Biology. She is currently working for both Medstar and the University of Maryland at the same time that she confronts a possible future without a work permit.


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