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Atlanta, GA – CASA launches its groundbreaking “Stop Cop City” campaign targeting Spanish- and Francophone immigrants and their families. This grassroots campaign centering non-English language communities aims to raise awareness of the need for police reform and community-oriented solutions, while also working with the coalition collecting at least 70,000 signatures by August 14 for a petition that allows voters to decide the fate of the initiative on the November ballot.

“They didn’t ask the people most impacted by this what they’d want,” said Carliana Harris, CASA communications specialist for Georgia. “Our people – not corporations or the police foundation – should be making decisions for our neighborhoods. That’s why we support putting this up for a vote. By putting this issue on the ballot, we can give a voice to those whose perspectives have been consistently ignored.” 

CASA’s will host a series of community events and volunteer drives to engage with residents, raising awareness about the dangers of this militarized training facility and collecting signatures to put it on the ballot. Canvassers frequent grocery stores, dollar stores, immigrant restaurants, African hair salons, shopping malls in West Atlanta. Events are on CASA’s website, along with more information about the “Stop Cop City” campaign.

“As a powerbuilding organization, CASA is dedicated to addressing the systemic issues within our current criminal justice system,” said Michelle Sanchez, CASA Voter Engagement for Georgia. “We believe that redirecting resources towards community-driven solutions will lead to a safer and more inclusive city where everyone thrives.”

Petition requirements include: Atlantans who sign must have been registered to vote in the City of Atlanta as of October 4, 2021 and must sign the petition while physically present within the City of Atlanta; as well as the signature must be witnessed by a current Atlanta registered voter. 

“We encourage every citizen of Atlanta who believes in fair, equitable, and community-oriented policing to support our campaign and sign the petition. Together, we can build a safer and more compassionate city,” closed Alberto Feregrino, CASA’s Georgia lead organizer.


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