20 January 2021, Hyattsville, MD – After the Biden-Harris inauguration, CASA Executive Director Gustavo Torres issued the following statement responding to the coming immigration policies. President Biden plans to send a citizenship bill to Congress on day one to undo the Trump administration’s damage.

“We are never tired of climbing this hill, seeking an intersectional approach to a justice that includes all of us. And now for the first time in four years, dignity, opportunity, and citizenship are within reach. We worked for, prayed for, and secured a trusted partner for peace and security for people of color. Welcoming in the Biden-Harris administration means getting the freedom to pay our rent, drive to work, and care for our children. The coming policies should champion the rights of immigrant, Black, and Puerto Rican communities. We are eager for the Citizenship for All policy, which creates a roadmap to citizenship for the 11 million that make up the undocumented community, including the DACAmented, TPSianos, and others. However, absent has been protection for Cameroonians and Central Americans, whose hard advocacy must not be overlooked in the struggle for immigrant justice. We look forward to continued collaboration with the Biden-Harris administration so that all receive the justice we have fought so long to accomplish.”

CASA seeks to protect and expand DACA, DED, and TPS recipients, rescinding the Muslim ban, halting construction of border wall and other so-called security measures that take away human dignity, reuniting children, ending family separation, and instituting a moratorium on deportations.

CASA Members held a Facebook Live reacting to the inauguration, celebrating the pro-immgrant policies.