Castillo’s contributions mark a time of tremendous growth for CASA

WOODBRIDGE, Va. – After nearly a decade of service to the organization, Ivania Castillo informed the CASA Board of Directors today that she will be stepping down as a CASA board member effective immediately for personal reasons.

In her resignation, Ms. Castillo expressed gratitude to the community that has lifted her up as a leader, wanting them to know that she will continue to fight for immigration reform because she is an activist at heart. Her hope is that a new generation of leaders will step up and make the movement even stronger. She is particularly proud of her contributions building CASA in Virginia with its strong presence in Prince William County – a dream come true! Ivania has been marching, advocating and organizing for human rights, for the right of immigrants to vote, and for women’s right to be in control of their own bodies since at least 1996. She made clear that her resignation is from the board, not from the movement. She wants to focus her energy now on securing the right to vote for Latino immigrants and mobilizing them to use that vote.

CASA Board President Carmelo Santos shared a warm reflection of the unparalleled fierceness and fire for justice that characterizes Ivania’s advocacy work: “An unrivaled activist, she has the organization’s deepest gratitude for helping expand CASA’s presence in Virginia, for standing tall at every rally and protest, showing up every time she was called – all with her beloved American flag and CASA shirt. She tackles her work with an intersectional perspective. She is a model ally for the LGBTQ+ community, expanding CASA’s diversity and inclusion in partnership and support of queer immigrants, a fierce defender of womens liberation, and a fighter for universal human rights. The board is the backbone of every organization, and without Ivania, CASA could not have accomplished so much so fast. We thank her for her service. Importantly, we are grateful to her for inspiring an entire generation of young leaders who are ready to take the helm after her departure from the board.”

Traveling with a large American flag, Ivania is well-known in the advocacy community. Her courage as an immigrant leader has meant real policy changes for the immigrant community in Virginia, where she calls home.

“Every day we see the force that grassroots power produces, and I am immensely proud of the unbreakable strength of the People United,” Ivania Castillo said. “I am grateful for everything that God has given to me, including this opportunity. I have been an activista my whole life and surely that will continue for decades to come.” She concluded by saying, “Que Dios los bendiga.” And she added, “Unidos somos más fuertes.” Meaning, “God bless you all, and remember that united we are stronger.”

“Again, we cannot thank Ivania enough for the passion and motivation she has brought to the CASA Board. Though her energy will be greatly missed, we look forward to following her success as she takes the next step,” closed Carmelo Santos.