COVID-19 infections are on the rise and immigrant families are more unprotected than ever


May 14, 2020, VA – In response to Governor Ralph Northam’s directive to reopen the state’s economy starting Friday, May 15, CASA Virginia Director, Luis Aguilar issued the following statement.

“The COVID-19 crisis has disproportionately impacted Virginia’s working and immigrant families, as well as families of color, especially those who are frontline workers. For example, Latinos represent 62.6% of Fairfax County’s COVID-19 cases. We are asking Governor Northam to increase access for COVID-19 testing and treatment for communities of color and to do the right thing. We need him to prioritize the health and safety of Virginia’s workforce, which should not be compromised while the state recovers financially from the pandemic. The pandemic has amplified the inequities that already existed in the Commonwealth, as Governor Northam plans to reopen, he should think of all Virginians, not just some.”

A perspective from the Virginia Department of Health shows the impact COVID19 is having in our communities across the Commonwealth:

43.8% of COVID19 cases affect the Latino community.
23% of COVID19 cases affect the African-American community.

In the localities:

58.9% of cases are Latino community members in Alexandria City.
49.4% of cases are Latino community members in Arlington County.
62.6%of cases are Latino community members in Fairfax County.
45.2% of cases are Latino community members in Loudoun County
67.1% of cases are Latino community members in Prince William County.
67.2% of cases are African-American community members in the Eastern Shore.

Latino families have acute needs, in part because many undocumented immigrants do not qualify for Medicaid, unemployment benefits, or stimulus checks from the federal government. This is without accounting for underreporting with members of our communities not seeking services given that the government has eroded any trust.



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