Until the United States reforms its cruel and unjust immigration system, there will always be greater needs than CASA can address.

CASA’s Legal Department receives about 1,500 to 2,000 calls to the legal hotline a monthfor general immigration consultations.

And while they are mighty, the immigration team tasked with handling the 2,000 community members a month only consists of a handful of staff members.

Every single day, the immigration team defends community members from deportation in immigration court; represents them on asylum, cancellation of removal, U Visa, and other complex cases; represents them on TPS, DACA, work permits, and other administrative applications; supports our citizenship program on complex citizenship cases; conducts Know Your Rights presentations and legal education sessions for our community; and supports federal immigration advocacy, among other things.

Given the outsized need for legal assistance caused by our unjust immigration system, callers seeking general immigration legal support generally have to stay on a waitlist for many months before they can receive a consultation from the immigration team. That is why we need your support so that we can continue to have the resources necessary to provide this critical service, and so that CASA members can continue fighting for the reforms our communities deserve.

Please Volunteer with CASA's Immigration Legal Team

Please complete this brief form, and we will be back in touch with you soon. Together, we can continue to build power and improve the quality of life in working-class Black, Latino/a/e/, Afro-descendant, Indigenous, and Immigrant communities. For questions, please reach out to probono (at) wearecasa (dot) org.