16 JULY 2021, WASHINGTON, DC – CASA Executive Director Gustavo Torres issued the following statement after Republican appointee Judge Hanen out of Texas partially ended DACA in tonight’s decision.

“CASA is furious that Judge Hanen has once again attacked the immigrant community from the bench, and we will fight back against this terrible decision. Nothing should be more urgent than for Congress to move on citizenship for all, including DACA holders, immediately. Jobs, education, homes, families, entire futures are on the line.

“In limbo is Arlette Morales, a 18-year-old high school senior who has been waiting for months for USCIS to process her DACA application. Living in York, she aspires to study criminal justice or psychology once she hits college. Just last year she and her best friend organized a Black Lives Matter rally, and this year marched for immigrant justice: she is the type of leader this country needs.

“Also left out is Santi Fernandez. Santi worked for months with the help of CASA to gather all of the proof necessary to apply for DACA and was finally planning to send in his application next week. Now he’s left out in the cold.

“Hill movements so far are heartening, but the immigrant community, our allies, especially those in Congress and White House, must light a fire underneath the Members of Congress who haven’t yet served as champions: We need Congress to step up now.

“To all those who currently have DACA, this decision does not yet take that away. If your DACA is going to expire, it is important you renew your DACA as soon as possible. CASA can help. Call our legal team to get help with your renewal application at 240-491-5764.”

At the time of this decision, news reports show that about 60,000 applications had been submitted but not granted. Available are DACA holders in Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania who are directly affected by this decision.


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