WASHINGTON, D.C – CASA Executive Director Gustavo Torres voiced deep concern today regarding potential anti-immigrant provisions in the emergency funding package negotiations between President Biden and Congress. Despite the administration’s commitment to immigrant communities, there are worrisome signals of a return to Trump-era policies. 

“These policies include a potential ban on the majority of Latino and Black asylum seekers, reinstatement of Title 42, mass deportations without due process, and restrictions on asylum applications.  It casts immigrants as the problem, asylum seekers as criminals and devalues the contributions that CASA members – and millions of immigrants across the country – make every day.”

Torres expressed outrage at human lives being used as bargaining chips, urging the Biden administration to prioritize comprehensive, humane solutions. CASA calls for upholding promises to safeguard asylum and protect contributing immigrants.

“The Biden administration must not negotiate from a position of weakness, accepting a far-right narrative that is not built on objective facts.  Immigrants are the backbone of communities across the United States, helping to drive our economy and support our growth. CASA calls on the Biden administration to honor its commitment to protecting asylum, defending immigrant rights, and reject policies that backtrack on progress since the last election.”


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