5 APRIL 2024, BALTIMORE, MD – CASA Executive Director Gustavo Torres met with President Biden in the wake of the Key Bridge tragedy that killed six immigrant workers in Baltimore. Torres’ message to President Biden was, “Mr. President, thank you for honoring these immigrants and talking to the families. Please continue to help immigrants.”

Torres issued the following statement after the meeting:

“The Key Bridge collapse sent shivers down the spine of every immigrant who heads out to a dangerous workplace every day: they know what it is like because immigrant workers often swallow the perils of their job in order to put food on their family’s table. We have done so for decades without thanks and without recognition.

“We welcome the President’s visit during this sorrowful time and know that he will offer solace and support as best he can as the leader of this beautiful country. Truly, he knows how to offer comfort in moments of great and unimaginable loss. “We recognize that the best way for President Biden to honor the lives lost and harmed on this bridge – the lives hurt and lost for the sake of a paycheck – is with real substantive relief: work permits through administrative action. That means temporary protected status or advanced parole, so that essential workers who do the U.S.’s most crucial work can at least have the protection that a work permit provides.”

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