Dignity Not Detention and Maryland Driver Privacy Acts’ Vetoes Overridden, to be Enacted into Law

Annapolis, MD – Immigrant advocacy organization CASA celebrates the Maryland legislature’s  override of Governor Hogan’s hate-driven vetoes of critical immigration reform bills, the Dignity Not Detention Act, HB 16, which ends private ICE detention in Maryland, and the Maryland Driver Privacy Act, HB 23 which prevents ICE from abusing the confidential information of immigrant drivers. The vetoes of these bills were overridden with overwhelming support by both chambers during the special session.

“In bringing home the Dignity not Detention Act, Maryland declares that it stands with its immigrant families. The victory at the statehouse helps end the terror that immigrants face at the hands of ICE in stamping out private ICE detention and in cutting ICE’s access to immigrant driver data. Better yet, it rejects the governor’s anti-immigrant policies, embracing the truth that immigrants are essential members of the Maryland family,” said Gustavo Torres, CASA executive director. 

“My family and I are relieved that our Maryland legislatures listened to our voices.  That we can live in Maryland and prosper in Maryland without the fear of ICE or being detained for only being an immigrant,” said Claudia Ramos Ardon, who was rear-ended, and then the police officer who arrived at the accident turned her over to ICE.

“My two brothers were in detention in two different detention centers in Maryland for the “crime” of being immigrants.  I feel so happy knowing that will never happen again to other families,” said Maria Rivas, whose brothers were in detention in the Frederick and Howard County Detention Centers.

“In all of my time in Maryland, I’ve never felt comfortable getting a license. I’m so happy that the Maryland legislators heard our voice loud and clear. Now we can feel comfortable that our information is private and our families are safe,” said Karla Rodriguez, whose friend ICE picked up after getting their license.


About CASA: CASA is a national Latino and immigrant organization serving over 122,000-lifetime members across 46 states. Visit us at www.wearecasa.org and follow us on Twitter at @CASAforall.