Washington, DC – With DACA’s 12-year anniversary fast approaching on June 15, 2024, CASA issued the following statement, reflecting on the uncertainty that young people with this immigration status face.

Immigrant activists call on President Biden to take administrative actions to provide relief and protection for immigrant youth, including DACA holders. CASA Executive Director Gustavo Torres said, “Revamping DACA as a policy signals a powerful message to not only DACA families but to humanity at large, showcasing the compassion and inclusiveness that our nation embodies. President Biden, you have the chance to support immigrants nationwide by enhancing, updating, and expanding DACA to genuinely serve its intended population humanely. The objective has never been to divide families or create anxiety for those seeking refuge in this country. Instead, it is to unite and prove your commitment to being a pro-immigrant leader who prioritizes keeping families and communities intact.”

To date, the persistent attacks against Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) holders and their families continue. President Biden pledged to protect immigrant youth and DACA recipients at the start of his administration by strengthening DACA and providing other relief measures. However, nearly four years in, the administration has only finalized a rule that maintains the policy as is, without expanding DACA recipients’ eligibility for the Affordable Care Act or providing significant new protections for undocumented people amid ongoing court challenges. At the same time, the administration has adopted anti-immigrant policies at the border and increased enforcement through detention, deportations, and expulsions. It is more than time to move DACA recipients and their families from this limbo state where they do not know what their uncertain future holds. 

“Congress is not excused from its responsibility to offer permanent, long-term relief through citizenship,” said CASA’s Public Policy Director Cathryn Paul. “And while we continue to call on Congress, the Biden administration must act decisively to protect DACA recipients. Administrative tools like TPS and DED can and must be used to build upon the protections offered by DACA as we continue to fight for a pathway to citizenship. 


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