Cancel the Rent

Housing insecurity during and immediately following COVID-19 is immediately rising to the top of CASA members’ fears and threats to their families.

With rising unemployment and exclusion from government relief, tenants are already being threatened with eviction and late payments when they are unable to pay monthly rent.

When the moratoriums on evictions are lifted, it is unlikely that tenants will have access to enough resources to pay several months of rent all at once, and mass evictions could ensue. No governor is providing long-term housing benefit or relief to Maryland, Virginia, or Pennsylvania residents, especially the Latino and immigrant community.

To relieve financial pressure, protect families from homelessness, allow families to stay home, and limit the spread of COVID19, states must achieve:

Cancel the Rent

Cancel Rent/Fees, Debt Accumulation during the state of emergency

No More Evictions

Extend Moratorium on Evictions one year beyond the state of emergency

Hold Landlords Accountable

No threats or harm to tenants and enforcement of moratorium


Have you been threatened to be evicted or evicted since the stay at home executive orders have been in place? Call CASA. We want to help.

¿Ha sido amenazado con ser desalojado o desalojado desde que se mantuvieron las órdenes ejecutivas de permanencia en el hogar? Llama a CASA. Queremos ayudarlo.


Demand Governor Hogan to cancel the rent and take all steps possible to protect working class tenants and homeowners.


Email Governor Wolf urging him to face those affected by the COVID-19 crisis, unable to pay rent, facing eviction threats from landlords.


Write to Governor Northam and tell him to face those affected by the COVID-19 crisis, unable to pay rent, facing threats from landlords and at risk of homelessness.

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  • .@GovLarryHogan farm workers, health care workers, and grocery store workers are essential during the #COVID19 crisis. Cancel rent payments NOW! Working families are currently at risk of homelessness. #NojobNorent #CancelTheRent
  • .@GovernorVA in the current state of a lockdown due to the #COVID19 crisis, workers and their families can’t even afford a meal. How are they supposed to pay the rent? #CancelTheRent#NojobNorent
  • .@GovernorTomWolf if working families don’t work, there is no food on their plates, there is no money to pay rent. The clock is ticking. Rent payments should be canceled as long the #COVID19 pandemic goes on. #CancelTheRent#NojobNorent