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A Bright Future for Baltimore: Our Campaign

In 2002, we first opened our doors in Baltimore City. Today we serve more than 4,000 people through programs including job placement, legal, citizenship and financial literacy services, ESOL classes, youth afterschool and leadership development programming, and multiracial organizing.

But our current Baltimore Welcome Center is no longer adequate to meet the needs of the community. Workers have expressed the need for on-site vocational training programs and expanded services, and demand for youth programs has grown.

Our Goal: CASA is working to open a permanent Baltimore Regional Education and Employment Center.  The new Center, at 2706 Pulaski Highway in Library Square, will significantly expand CASA’s capacity to deliver workforce and leadership development programming, coupled with wraparound services and supports for the city’s immigrant and minority residents. It will also serve as a hub for multiracial youth education and leadership development programs.  We will be able to serve a total of 11,000 through our new center once open.

This project will help advance our vision for Baltimore: a city with an inclusive economy, vibrant youth leadership, and institutions that promote racial justice.

CASA broke ground on the Center in October 2018, and construction is expected to last 14 months. Click below to learn more about the project, CASA’s goals, and how you can be a part of a bright future for Baltimore!

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