For Immediate Release: May 24, 2023

Media Contact: Carliana Harris, 240-701-2777

Atlanta, Georgia — Immigrant and working family powerhouse organization CASA condemns the recent comments made by Georgia State Representative Mesha Mainor (D-56) on the Fox Business Network show Varney & Co. Her statement that the Democratic Party is “prioritizing migrants” and that Black Lives Matter only seems to matter in election years is deeply concerning and problematic. Luis Zaldivar, CASA’s Georgia Director, issued the following statement in response to these divisive comments.

“As an organization committed to advancing the interests and well-being of all communities, we believe that it is important to prioritize the needs of those who have been historically marginalized and oppressed. This includes communities of color, particularly Black communities who have experienced systemic racism and police brutality for centuries.

“It is not a question of prioritizing one group over another, but rather recognizing that systemic injustices require targeted and intentional efforts to undo. The fight for immigrant rights, racial justice, and voting rights are all interconnected and cannot be separated from one another.

“Furthermore, Black Lives Matter is not a mere election year slogan. It is a powerful movement that has galvanized millions of people around the world to demand an end to police violence and systemic racism. Its impact and significance extends far beyond election cycles.

“We urge Representative Mainor and all elected officials to understand the importance of intersectional advocacy and to prioritize the needs of marginalized communities. It is only by working together that we can achieve true justice and equality for all.”


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