Haitians are seeking safety at the United States’ borders and must be granted their legally assured chance to seek asylum

HYATTSVILLE, MD – In response to the Biden administration’s heinous actions towards Haitian refugees at the southern border, immigrant advocacy organization CASA released the following statement from Executive Director Gustavo Torres:

“CASA fully condemns the mistreatment of Haitians seeking refuge at the southern border. Once again we come face to face with the ugly racism in our country’s broken immigration system. Haitian migrants are refugees seeking solace and safety in Del Rio, Texas, after the country’s civil unrest and devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake. Worse yet, the refugees are being enclosed in a camp with no meaningful food or water – inhumane treatment which is completely unacceptable. We urge the Biden administration to terminate the use of Title 42 as a reason to unjustifiably expel immigrants, including Haitian asylum seekers. The Biden administration must immediately grant Haitians their legally assured chance to seek asylum and cease all expulsion flights to Haiti.”

Haitian Bridge Alliance is helping Haitians seeking asylum in Del Rio, Texas, providing critical assistance to feed, clothe, shelter, and transport families to reunite with their loved ones across the country and also resources to those expelled to the southern border. Donate now to support their efforts and Welcome With Dignity by using this link.


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