We are a group of passionate, community-conscious people working to organize, advocate for, and expand opportunities for Latino and immigrant people in the state of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. We do this by providing employment placement; workforce development and training; health education; citizenship and legal services; and financial, language, and literacy training to Latino and immigrant communities throughout the state. Since our humble beginnings in 1985 assisting Central American refugees fleeing wars and civil strife at home, we have worked tirelessly to bring immigrant communities in Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania out of the shadows and into greater power, dignity, and legitimacy.

Our Mission

To create a more just society by building power and improving the quality of life in working class and immigrant communities.

Our Vision

We envision a future where we stand in our own power, our families live free from discrimination and fear, and our diverse communities thrive as we work with our partners to achieve full human rights for all.

Our Values

We believe that working in solidarity strengthens us in the struggle


We believe we are stronger when we enhance, recognize and celebrate our diversity.

Social Justice

We believe in social justice and our ability to change our own lives.

Powerful Voice

We believe in having a powerful voice in the decisions that affect our lives.


We believe we achieve excellence when we collaborate, innovate, evaluate, and take pride in our work.

Racial Equity

We believe in demonstrating and fighting for racial equity.