CASA’s Services Department provides services, education, and legal impact strategies that support low-income women, workers and tenants to be self-sufficient and improve their economic and social well-being.  Included in the Service Department are the Health Promotion Program, Legal Program, Social Services Program, and Employment Program.



CASA of Maryland’s Health Program works to address public health and primary care needs in the community.  This includes health education and improved access to screening and treatment services for HIV, cancer and tobacco use prevention.  Our model of education utilizes popular education methodology to train community health promoters who are trusted by their peers. We provide on site HIV counseling and testing services two times per week and primary medical care one day per week.  CASA also addresses the need for improved access to medical treatment by providing a bilingual telephone health line to inform community members of available services and to help them navigate the system.  Additionally, CASA provides medical interpreting services for limited English speakers.

CASA’s Bilingual Health Hotline – (301) 270-8432

Contact: Health Program CASA de Maryland 734 University Blvd. E. Silver Spring, MD 20903 (301) 431-4185


LEGAL PROGRAM CASA’s Legal Program, operating out of offices in Baltimore and Silver Spring, seeks to improve the quality of life and legal justice for Latinos and low-income families through legal education, legal services, and advocacy projects. We offer legal consultations and representation for day laborers, domestic workers, and tenants.  We negotiate claims and bring lawsuits in state and federal courts for nonpayment of wages; minimum wage and overtime violations; unlawful wage deductions; discriminatory employment practices; retaliatory discharges; and involuntary servitude.  We also provide legal assistance to low-wage tenants and tenant associations on landlord/tenant issues. In addition to direct representation, CASA performs outreach to inform workers about essential workplace rights and strategies to protect themselves. We go to non-traditional hiring halls, such as street corners and parking lots, to inform workers of their rights and encourage them to seek redress for violations. Contact: Legal Program CASA de Maryland, 8151 15th Ave. Hyattsville, MD 20783 301-431-4185


SOCIAL SERVICES PROGRAM CASA provides information about the availability of basic social services such as free or low-cost medical programs, mental health care, legal services and emergency shelter. We also provide information and refer clients to government and private social service programs for which they and their families may be eligible.  Our organization assists clients who have problems receiving assistance and benefits.  CASA also translates and notarizes legal documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, school transcripts and other important papers. We also supply INS forms and help clients complete them, including fingerprints. Contact: Social Services Program CASA de Maryland 734 University Boulevard, E. Silver Spring, MD 20903 301-431-4185 Citizenship Program 240-419-5765 or visit Driver’s Licenses 240-670-4848


EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM CASA’s Employment Program places workers in day, temporary, and permanent jobs that pay a living wage. CASA’s Workers’ Centers are recognized as a national model in addressing the employment-related needs of low-income immigrants.   CASA also meets employers’ needs by screening workers and employers and matching employers with workers to fit their labor needs.  All workers sign a code of ethics and standards of conduct.  Employers also put in writing the terms of employment.  These mechanisms help to ensure high-quality work and satisfied workers and employers.  Over 3,900 employers hire workers for day, temporary, and permanent jobs every year, in areas such as landscaping, drywall, painting, carpentry, moving, and cleaning. Contact: Employment Program CASA de Maryland 734 University Blvd. E. Silver Spring, MD 20903 301-431-4185