For more than a decade, the Latino and immigrant community has been growing in Virginia. From 2000-2010, the number of immigrants living in Virginia grew by over 60%. That means that today Virginia’s immigrant community is larger than that of Washington, D.C. or . In fact, immigrants represent over 15% of the state’s total workforce

To respond to the needs of the growing but underserved immigrant community in the state, CASA opened our Virginia Center in February 2013. Since its opening a little more than two years ago, we have developed 120 strong leaders representing 12 cities from our CASA Virginia Center. We have also built a Virginia based membership base of more than 2,500. Over the past years we have been busy hosting major leadership meetings, providing services including citizenship and naturalization assistance, legal services, health and safety classes, and leadership development trainings.


For more information about the Virginia specific services or activities please visit our center or call:

Virginia CASA Center
901 S. Highland Street, 3rd Floor
Arlington, VA 22204
Tel: (571) 421-2220 / Memberships: (571) 421-2211