Three Things You Can Do

Posted November 23, 2016 /

It’s only been two weeks since Donald Trump was elected President. But in that time, we’ve seen countless acts of violence perpetrated in his name, an unbelievably disturbing slate of cabinet appointments, and terrifying statements of hate from his spokespeople. President-elect Trump has made it clear: he intends to deliver on the hateful and frightening promises made by his campaign.

But CASA is ready to fight back. Our communities have been gathering to say not on our watch, to reaffirm our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and respect. Now is the time for us to show up in mass numbers, to make it clear that we are not going anywhere.

That’s why we are so glad to have you with us. And as we continue to build power and momentum, we wanted to share with you these three ways you can join the fight today.



1. Join our movement and recruit your friends.

The wider our reach, the stronger our message. Sign up for CASA’s newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Get on the list to buy a “Hate-Free Zone” yard sign and become a visible presence in your neighborhood. Volunteer to host, co-host, or attend a house party in support of CASA, and bring your friends and family. Attend our Friends of CASA holiday party on December 7, and introduce yourselves to us in person. Now more than ever, we need all hands on deck.


2. Take action for justice

CASA has lost no time in responding to our new reality. We are providing “know your rights” trainings and hosting “safe space” conversations that allow immigrants to express their fears and questions. We are working with partners in local government, school systems, and nonprofits to reaffirm public commitment to diversity, inclusiveness, and welcoming immigrants. We are working in the community to build “Neighborhood Defense Committees” to protect families from threats of violence or deportation, and we are speaking out against xenophobic politicians and in support of sanctuary communities. You can be sure that for the next four years, we will be unyielding in our struggle for safety and justice.

How can you help? Join us in our rallies and calls for action, and stand up in your neighborhoods! Familiarize yourself with immigrants’ rights in interacting with ICE. Contact your local government’s civil rights commission or call CASA’s hotline at 301-431-4185 to report instances of hate. Make yourself a visible ally to all marginalized communities. Talk to your neighbors, and ask how you can best help them feel safe and welcome. Sign up to volunteer at our legal or citizenship clinics. Contact your legislators again and again and again, letting them know that even tacit support for discrimination is unacceptable.



3. Contribute to the cause

The coming months and years will undoubtedly be tough. CASA’s role is as important today as it has ever been, and your support helps us march forward. If you feel disheartened by the acts of violence, by the hateful rhetoric – consider putting your dollars where your heart is. DONATE NOW, or kick off the holiday season with a gift to CASA on Giving Tuesday next week. No amount is too small.