With Acquittal of Nero, CASA Awaits Justice with Subsequent Trials

Posted May 23, 2016 /

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With Acquittal of Nero, CASA Awaits Justice with Subsequent Trials

Baltimore, Md., May 23, 2016_  Despite some gains in police reform that include new state measures signed into law last week by Governor Hogan, today’s acquittal of Baltimore Police Officer Edward Nero underscores that the justice system continues to have profound and dismal loopholes when investigating police abuse and brutality cases.

“We are disappointed that he was acquitted but hope that the police board will hold him responsible for his actions  and guarantee some form of justice in this case,” said Lydia Walther-Rodriguez, Lead Organizer for CASA.

Some of the most serious charges lodged against officers in the death of Freddie Gray are yet to come and CASA hopes that the courts will contribute to achieving justice for grieving family members and a battered community.

“The trials of these officers continues to underscore that meaningful police reform in Baltimore City requires greater transparency, a possibility the state legislature opened up by allowing a locality to add two civilians to trial boards,” said Ms. Walther-Rodriguez.  “We call on Baltimore to move this critical reform forward.”