White House Announces CASA as a Bright Spot for Hispanic Education

Posted September 15, 2015 /

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María José Sandoval



White House Announces CASA as a Bright Spot for Hispanic Education

Today, marking the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month, the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics announced the launch of the“Bright Spots in Hispanic Education National Online Catalog.” 

CASA will be featured in the catalog as one of the nation’s Bright Spots for Hispanic education.  CASA’s educational initiatives include, Learning Together (a robust parent engagement, two-generation initiative developed in partnership with evidenced-based programs such as Abriendo Puertas/Opening Doors for Langley Park families), Mi Espacio (an afterschool program serving Hispanic high school youth in Baltimore), ESOL (adult education for workforce development and life skills serving more than 2000 students each year), as well as CASA’s Community Schools initiative, (a partnership with Prince George’s County Public Schools and Internationals Network resulted in two new public high schools for English Language Learners in Prince George’s County).

Since its start in 1985, CASA’s member-centered approach has drawn the organization into new areas of service, community organizing, and advocacy. It found that in an aging, and growing, immigrant community, many members had children, or welcomed children here who needed additional resources to achieve academically.  Rosemary Palacios, a parent in the Learning Together program, said:

“I would recommend the Learning Together parents-as-teachers workshops to other parents, so that they can come learn about things that we as parents would normally ignore. This program opened my mind; it gave me motivation to continue helping my child in school. I knew I had to do it before but I learned to be persistent and that I have to keep trying again and again! That’s I how will become an effective advocate for my child’s educational success.” says Palacios.

CASA Executive Director, Gustavo Torres says: “CASA’s recognition as a Bright Spot demonstrates that the collective action of dedicated partners can make all the difference for parents and children. Today, we would like to thank all of our educational partners for their commitment to our members and the community at-large!”

To learn more about the Initiative and to view the Bright Spots in Hispanic Education national online catalog visit ww.ed.gov/HispanicInitiative.